Using Turo to Find a Reasonably Priced Rental Car, Direct From its Owner

When preparing to travel to other countries and even within your own country, vehicle rental has traditionally been for those taking a business trip – company folks who require to go to from one place to another. Is spite of whatever “status” they might have, business people as well as normal travelers still opt to find and obtain the most thrifty car rental as possible.

Turo.comThe problem with this is that traditional car rental agencies offer neither the selection or price at which leisure travel can be made enjoyable. If it’s a matter of cost, the available selection is almost nothing. And if you need a better selection, the price goes through the roof.

Here’s where comes in. Turo operates in hundreds of cities across the globe, connecting car owners with people who wish to rent the vehicle for both leisure and business. As an owner, you have specific control over your vehicle’s availability and price. As a renter, you have a wide selection of vehicles that are typically unavailable from traditional rental agencies.

Take for example this listing for a Subaru rental in Denver. The listing states that the car is in great mechanical condition, includes a winter package and all-wheel drive, upgraded automatic transmission, Sirius XM, a cargo box or ski rack, and on-board WiFi, all at no additional charge. And you can get all of that for under $100/day. You’d never find such a deal at Avis.

Convenience is always a factor when an individual rents a vehicle, and Turo also shines here. Rather than having to take the shuttle from the airport to the car rental lots, the owner simply meets you at the airport and delivers the vehicle in person. The sames time and confusion after a long flight, when the last thing you want to do is figure out where the shuttles are and which one you need to take.

Finally, the site is built on a reputation platform, meaning that you’re able to see reviews on both owners and renters before making a decision on who you care to work with.

A few important things to note:

– Look out for added ”amenities” when you’re booking.

– Ask around, from your household, friends, and coworkers regarding the type of car they like to drive. See if you can find something comparable.

– Having a spending goal should enable you to find a car within your budget and still be quite happy with your decision.

For more information about Turo or the car sharing economy, visit or feel free to check out this informative video put together by the company. With a little bit of research beforehand, you can find the ideal car for your trip to the mountains, beach, or city! In the end, when it applies to finding reasonably priced car rentals, don’t forget about the quality of service which should to matter to you, and Turo provides both!


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